Cuckoo Clock

In 1964 my big brother Donald Bohan was in the Air Force, stationed in Germany. And he did what all cool brothers do, he sent his cute little sister – me – a cuckoo clock!! It was so beautiful and I loved it! Unfortunately, it was destroyed a few years after it arrived. I was heart sick and cried everyday for a week when I looked at the parts and pieces of my beloved clock.

In 2015 my big brother Donald Bohan is retired, riding his Harley, fishing, basking in loves glow with his new girl Pam and secretly sending a cuckoo clock to his little sister!!

It was made in Germany and arrived today!! It is just as beautiful as the first clock he sent me 52 years ago!!

But here is where this little ‘awwww’ moment takes an interesting turn.

When I opened the box and unpacked my clock, I was overcome with giggles and jumping around like a little girl!! Then I looked a little closer and my mouth dropped open and my eyes grew WIDE!

The clock maker’s name is stamped on the clock and it literally took my breath away.

Clearly carved on the face of my new cuckoo clock is … SCHNEIDER.

I do not even know what else to say … except “I love you big brother” and

“I love you Ray Schneider and miss you every single day!!”





Copyright © 2016 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.

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