Gold Nugget


One day, many years ago, a women who had not seen me for a while said to me, “OH MY GOD! What happened to make you grow so old so fast ?!” I was devastated – I felt like a freak and I began to withdraw from ‘the world.’

It has been a long journey back to ‘the world’ since that night so many years ago. My service dog Sunny and a few close friends were a huge part of that journey AND so are my fellow Chiarians.

Their humor, compassion, love and shared experience remain beacons of light for a road often overshadowed in horrible pain. There are still many times when I avoid gatherings because I feel ‘different’ or because I am afraid I will choke and start coughing, or knock over a glass of water, forget my words or use the wrong word.

I am still working on being stronger, braver and wiser as I share my body with Chiari. I’m telling this story so those newly diagnosed with Chiari know they are not alone. That sometimes people will say innocent or thoughtless things that will rock you BUT …

hold on to that little nugget of gold in your soul that is YOU and never let anyone tarnish your shining light.


Copyright © 2016 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.

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