Where Did My Brain Go?

9:30 am
Putting away the dish soap, I notice the bathroom cleaner (why is it there?). I walk it back to my bathroom. While I am there, I clean and change out the towels. As I leave my bathroom, I see the Iris picture Laura gave me on my dresser and think, “it’s time to hang that up.” I go to the storage room to get my hammer and nails – I notice I have not purchased the new dog food container I need.

I go to the ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen to get my measuring tape (why is it there?). Back to the storage room where I move the ironing board out of my way so I can measure the spot I want to put the new dog food container I am going to order. I think, “I hate this ironing board here.” After trying several different places to see if I can hang the damned thing, I walk back through the house to the laundry room (which is off my kitchen) to see if I can find a place for it. Yeap, it will fit nicely next to the dryer but I might as well vacuum the area first.

To the storage room I go to get the Dyson. Oh hell, I didn’t empty it the last time I used it. I take the little dirt container out to the garage to empty it into the trash container when I notice I have not broken down the cardboard for recycling. I finish that job and go back in the house. (You walk into the storage area / mud room when you enter from the garage.)
I pick up my hammer and nail and go to my bedroom and hang my Iris picture. Back to the utility room to put the hammer away where I find the measuring tape on the floor. I measure the area for the dog food container and walk back to the kitchen and write the measurements on my note pad.

I notice the laundry room door is open – oh crap, back to the utility room to get the Dyson and the ironing board. Where the hell is the dirt container for the Dyson?!? Oh yeah … it is still in the garage! I retrieve the container, reassemble the vacuum cleaner and roll it to the laundry room.

I lean against the counter and look at the clock … 12:10 pm. I pour myself a glass of iced tea and go sit on the sofa and think, “what was I going to order?”

Copyright © 2016 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.
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