Nothing Left To Prove

“I just pushed on through.”
“I bucked up and got it done.”
“I put a smile on my face and did it.

I have said all of these things … many times … since my Chiari decompression surgery.

This ‘logic’ has been my down fall to ugly set backs on too many occasions. I have learned (I’m still learning) to live a more peaceful life with “The Weasel.” I talk about kicking Chiari’s ass but I mean mentally and emotionally. I do not mean physically because that is a battle I can not win.

So, when I get frustrated and pissed off because I want to walk the extra mile, plant those last few flowers, or vacuum one more room – and I know it will hurt me if I do … I don’t.

I do not have any thing to prove anymore – to myself or anyone else. I have already proved I am strong, courageous and tenacious because I am still HERE … living the best life I can today with what I have been dealt.


Copyright © 2016 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.

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