Sunny Sunning Himself


This is my handsome service dog, Sunny.

 I was in another part of the house when I realized my shadow was not near me, and since he has a foot on the mend, he needs to be watched. I headed to my bedroom because he likes to pile up the pillows and make a nest to nap in. He wasn’t there … so I checked the other available bed in the house and no Sunny. I headed back down the hall, passing the living room entry where out of the corner of my eye I see movement. There, up on the cozy cat bed, sunning himself was Sunny.

Of course, he stayed there, very proud of himself it appears, while I went and got the camera to take this picture.

Oh how I love this dog!!



Copyright © 2011 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.

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One Response to Sunny Sunning Himself

  1. Pet Barrier says:

    He looks like a king sitting on his throne. -Ellie


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