So …  at 2:30 PM, I decide I need a bite to eat… here is how it went.

I go downstairs to the laundry room where we keep our dry goods to get some pasta. I take out yesterday’s load of laundry, fold it and take it upstairs to put it away.

While in the bedroom, I change the sheets.

I pass the bathroom and decide to grab the towels to launder. I clean the sink and toilet, pick up the rugs, sweep and mop the floor.

As I head back downstairs, I let the dogs out. While I am waiting for them to come back in, I reload the garage frig with soda. Once the pups come back in, I wipe their feet and we all head downstairs. After they get snuggled and covered in their beds, I head back to the laundry room and start a load of laundry. While the tub is filling, I go to the storage area to find a quilt I want to put on the bed.

I clean the litter boxes.

I take the quilt upstairs and put it on the bed. Pass the bathroom and remember to hang clean towels.

Headed to the kitchen, I notice the living room throw rugs are in need of a good shake. 

As I am leaning against the wall wondering why I feel so weak, I look at the clock. It is 3:45 … back downstairs to get the pasta.

How does this happen ?!?!?



Copyright © 2016 Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.




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