My daughter has convinced me to start a blog because she believes I have thoughts, feelings and opinions worth sharing … time will tell.

Before you venture further into my ramblings …

Serious Me:
If you have hate or intolerance in your heart for others

~ who do not look like you
~ who love differently than you
~ who vote in a way that is not your own
~ whose religious beliefs differ from yours, who doubt there are gods or have no belief in gods at all … then,

PLEASE do not enter my blog. Hate is ugly and I am too old now to be patient with those who hate. I wish you life’s blessing as you evolve but I do not want your negative stuff in my space.

Fun Me:
I love and enjoy my children, my grandson, my family and my awesome friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE my dogs Sunny and Ridge and my mean machine little cat, Gertie Girl.

I have Chiari Malformation and a myriad of other Chiari induced dis-orders. I share my experience with Chiari to encourage my fellow Chiari Warriors and to raise awareness.

I find comfort in nature…

The Iris is my favorite flower – the bloom is dignified, strong and proud.

Penguins pull at my heart strings – they protect and nurture their young at all costs.

The eagle lifts me up – I see freedom, courage and strength in their flight.

The dragonfly – they visit me in my garden and seem so calm, yet fearless.

The Monarch butterfly – reminds me to embrace change, seek a place to rest and enjoy life fully because our time here is short.

I see in these flora and fauna the attributes I hold dear.

I have the heart of a lioness and if my body matched my attitude, the world would be in trouble :~0

I enjoy reading and find comfort in being surrounded by my books. I believe I would lose my mind if I could not listen to music everyday. I once felt the same way about dance, now I mostly chair dance but I am damned good at it :~)

**All of my writing, poems, photographs and videos bear witness to my journey and the woman I am today. Chiari is a thief and has stolen a lot from me – please, do not be a thief and rob me of the things I create here. I ask that you do not share them without my permission or try to make them your own. If you are a person of honor and integrity, kind hearted and empathetic, you will enjoy your visit here.

Copyright © Brenda L. Surin. All Rights Reserved.


One Response to About

  1. Paige says:

    I love you so much! I look forward to your ramblings!


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